Until It Burns

from by The Ancient Gods

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we can't be silenced we can't be bought
we don't believe a word that we were taught
even if they burned our infoshops to the ground
we're still here
we're driving buses, we're pushing brooms
we might have even changed your oil too
we're doctors and we're lawyers and we're teaching your children
we're still here

it wouldn't be enough for them to see us fail
they wanna see us all dead or in jail
and we will no longer exist
if we let them prevail
to all you punks with circle A patches on your clothes
elitest cliques are not how communities grow
even if you stop acting like stupid bros
it's not enough to book shows
we've gotta fight and we've gotta create
we've gotta build the world we want destroy the things that we hate
we gotta keep in mind that its never too late as long as
we're still here

i thought the anarchists all died in '36 in spain
that became this thing that everybody was saying
this was in new york back in ninety eight
now all the fashion punx i know
wear studded vests and the studs are always cones
pyramids are so five years ago
and i'm not even gonna pretend
that im ok with how they treat women and their friends
or acceptance based on how well you follow a trend

they're on the run
yea they're runnin scared
they try to deny it but ask them why the g8 wasn't in chicago
they're on the run
yea they're runnin scared
(i mumble something about trying to hide it?)
we're gonna do this for our whole lives
we're never ever gonna run and hide
when the time comes we'll up the fight it
and if they catch us we'll swallow tabs of cyanide
i live my life on my own terms
i'm gonna die on my own terms
i'm gonna fight until it all buuuuuuuurns

until it burns
until it burns
until it burns
unti it all buuuuuuurns


from Cry Later, released April 21, 2013




The Ancient Gods Houston, Texas

Anarcho pop-punk from the gulf coast.


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