Meet Me In Texas

from by The Ancient Gods

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we came up together in this shit
from punk rock shows to throwing bricks
i wouldn't be me if it wasn't for you
and thats a hard thing to admit
in the good times in the bad times
i had your back and you had mine
remember the time..
the first time we charged a police line

the pepper spray in our face
would foreshadow things to come
in the next couple of years
when you were young

what made you quit before we could start
what made you let them tear us apart
where was your heeeart
when you closed your eyes you closed your heart
when you closed your heart you took a peice of mine
i'll never get it back thats fine
it won't heal this tiiiime
i wouldn't want it to i'm gonna let it

remind me of what i'm
never gonna do
and it makes me sick all the
things that we through together
because you always knew it wasn't true
it was just something to do
just something to do
now you're..

in a city that everybody leaves
its hard to organize in the belly of the beast
it might be easier in new york or oakland
i'm sick of houston kids that keep moving to austin
of course then it's like we lost them
she moved to chicago he moved to portland
so many lost friends its becoming a joke
everyone goes where its easy
instead of where its needed the most

where its easy, not where its needed
where its easy, not where its needed
where its easy is not where its needed the most
meet me in texas
meet me in texas
meet me in texas and
lets fight where we stand


from Cry Later, released April 21, 2013




The Ancient Gods Houston, Texas

Anarcho pop-punk from the gulf coast.


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